Merger & Acquisition

To ensure the completion of a deal, we advise clients through the various stages of the transaction process including:
  • strategic planning of acquisitions, takeovers, mergers or divestments;
  • structuring a transaction to serve our client's needs;
  • financial analysis;
  • financing methods;
  • business valuations;
  • deal price, terms and conditions;
  • co-ordination with other professionals and advisers; and
  • deal management through to completion.

Notifiable Transactions

Transaction type Categorization 
(Transaction Size) 
Disclosure Requirements
@ Assets / Consideration / Profits / Revenue ratio Equity Capital ratio Announcement Circular Shareholders' Approval Inclusion of Pro forma financial statement
Share Transaction <5% Yes No No No
Discloseable Transaction 5% - 25% Yes Yes No No
Major Transaction - Disposal 25% - 75% NA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Major Transaction - Acquisition 25% - 100% Yes Yes Yes Yes
Very Substantial Disposal > 75% NA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Very Substantial Acquisition > 100% Yes Yes Yes Yes
Note: the above table is set out for reference only, please refer to the Listing Rules or consult Veda Capital for further details.

Reverse Takeover

When an acquisition or a series of acquisitions which, in the opinion of the Stock Exchange, constitutes, or is part of a transaction or arrangement which constitute, an attempt to achieve a listing of the assets to be acquired and a means to circumvent the requirements for new listings under the Listing Rules, the Stock Exchange will treat a company proposing a reverse takeover as if it were a new listing applicant, and the transaction must be made conditional upon approval by the shareholders of the company in general meeting.




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