Corporate Consultancy

Due Diligence Review

Veda Capital assists the purchaser, investor and/or lender in assessing a target or business by investigating and inquiring into relevant events and conditions. Due diligence review helps identify potential issues and risks that might require renegotiation of the deal structure or terms of a sale and purchase agreement. It provides independent assessment on the business and value of the target, which is a critical reference to the management when making an investment decision in a transaction.

Vendor due diligence is equally important for the estimation of a fair sale price and identification of potential risks in an early stage so that necessary actions could be taken by the vendor promptly. It also addresses major concerns to the vendor before purchaser is involved and as a result reassures prospective purchaser.

A due diligence review includes investigations in:
  • accuracy of the forecasts and projections including assumptions underlying the projections
  • potential risks, warranties and indemnities to be secured;
  • future cash flows of the business and its funding requirements (e.g. working capital sufficiency);
  • production facilities and operating procedures;
  • possible synergies; and
  • analysis and commentary on historical financial information.

Corporate Restructuring

Veda Capital provides relative advice to client companies to turn around its underperformed business by going through financial change. The aim is to enhance its business value that can provide significant improvements to the balance sheet, profit & loss and cash flow of the business.

Experience of Veda Capital includes:
  • Provide restructuring plans for the purpose of raising capital;
  • Corporate accounts review to identify any financial deficiencies and implement changes to improve on working capital cycle and profitability;
  • Reorganizing the corporate structure for the preparation of public listing; and;
  • Recommendations on operational restructure that can help deliver profit & loss impact and cash generation opportunities.

Capital Reorganization

Capital reorganization refers to:
  • Changes in the group structure e.g. by introducing a new subsidiary or holding company;
  • Capital reduction to increase capital reserves;
  • [Listed company repurchasing its own shares from the market;]
  • Share consolidation / subdivision, which resulted in changes in the board lot size and par value of the shares;
Capital reorganization may require shareholders approval and/or court approval. It may also be appropriate for the listed company to appoint a broker as its agent to match the sales and purchases of odd lots (if applicable) or for the major shareholder itself or by its agent to stand in the market to buy or sell odd lot securities. The particular circumstances of the listed company may dictate the method by which odd lot holders are to be accommodated and listed companies are urged to consult the Stock Exchange at the earliest opportunity to agree the appropriate trading method.

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